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The leading provider of technology and services to expedited carriers and shippers

In the fast-paced world of expedited delivery, choosing the right technology can mean the difference between success and failure. No other company offers the depth of knowledge and experience that went into building the Datatrac solution—the most comprehensive and advanced transportation logistics solution available today.

Revolutionary web technology

Available anytime, anywhere

Handles all business types



Scheduled Routes

Fully hosted solution (SaaS)

99.99999% reliability

24-hour network center monitoring

Comprehensive logistics system

Order entry



Automatic rating/pricing

Scheduled job processing

Driver Settlement


Mobilityä certified on AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon & Sprint/Nextel

The Power of the Network

Over 400 service providers are brought together to form the powerful, nationwide Datatrac Network. While the physical network serves the needs of shippers with accurate, consolidated data, the robust technical network facilitates exchange of critical data among carriers, agents and shippers.

Intelligent Business Tools for Transportation Logistics Performance

Rock-solid, full-featured carrier operating system

Chosen by leading courier companies for over 30 years

Cutting-edge web technology

Delivers full functionality anytime, anywhere

Easy to learn, easy to use

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Complete business-to-business network

Reach any business partner regardless of platform

Quickly connect with shippers who prefer Datatrac technology 800.827.2677data trac bottom logo landingpage

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Press Release: May 2010
Datatrac Announces New Driver Direct Program - Better Connections Drive More Opportunity