Testimonials From Courierboard Users

Law firm in Boston needed to fax documents to courier and have them hand delivered same-day in Morrisville, PA.  "This was basically the easiest and best courier experience I've ever had. I work in a law firm in Boston and often have to find out-of-state or far away couriers and it usually takes me all morning! This was so quick, easy, and efficient. I don't know the state of PA at all, but this service made it so easy. Totally worth the cost and totally worth the 5 star rating. I wish all couriers were this great."
Law Firm in Boston

South Carolina company needed 8 boxes delivered 153 miles away within 24 hours. "I did receive several contacts from my posting. I am working with 2 of them to get a pricing/schedule setup. Thanks for all of your help yesterday!  Great customer service!"
Company in South Carolina

Company in Chicago needed to have letter delivered within 2 1/2 hours. "had tremendous success from using your website. (two calls and one e-mail) all with reasonable prices. My envelope was picked up in a timely manner and delivered directly to its destination. I will most definitely be using your website again in the future"
Company in Chicago

New Orleans Architectural firm needed plans picked up and delivered 37 miles away, same day. "We do plan on using this board again, but it will be sporadic as we only need couriers on a limited basis. We did receive plenty of quotes and assistance because of your service."
Company in New Orleans

General contracting company in California needed a set of building plans picked up and delivered to location 75 miles away within 5 hours. "Thank you very much for the follow up! We received several quotes and got everything handled in a very timely manner and are EXTREMELY satisfied. Thank you!"
Company in Los Angeles, California

Boston based company posted to have document picked up in Miami and dropped off with FedEx. "Service was excellent. Got a call, which seemed within minutes, and got everything picked up, filled out, brought to FedEx & shipped to me in Boston. Worked out great for me."
Company in Boston

Vancouver, Canada architectural firm needed furniture picked up in Fort Lauderdale, held overnight, and delivered in Boca Raton the following morning. "For your info, I received two quotes for my request – one of which worked for me. So, this was great because I had a more unusual type of situation and it was much faster than calling around."
Company in Vancouver, Canada

Just used your service for the first time. It worked GREAT!!! I only got one reply, but that was the one I needed. I needed to move some freight from the Denver Airport to Ft. Collins, CO., a distance of 70 miles. I thought it would be an expensive thing to do, but your service put me in touch with a courier that makes that run daily. The cost was only $40. And the same courier delivers to other places on the West Coast that we routinely ship to. The likelihood of me finding this courier on my own is very slim. I have previously spent HOURS searching for the right courier. I’m sure your service will save me time, money & frustration in the future! Thanks again.
Company in Pittsburgh

I used your service after calling around looking for couriers and getting frustrated. I found you on Google and posted an escrow document needing to be picked up and within 15 minutes I had numerous quotes in my inbox. After selecting a courier company I have never been so impressed with the professionalism of this particular company. They just blew me away!
Company in California

Company in New York needed a Los Angeles courier company for commercial and residential delivery service, 5 days a week, using both cargo vans and box trucks. "Thank you for both your phone call and follow up emails. We have received 4 or 5 responses so far and feel your website is an excellent resource for both carriers and shippers."

It worked out great! .. I found a courier at a great price and it was done in just a couple of hours!
Company in Connecticut

"I did receive multiple quotes, both on-line and via telephone. The vendor we chose...handled our delivery professionally and on-time, and followed up with me to be sure I was satisfied with the service. I have already recommended both Courierboard and (the courier company we used) to other administrative assistants in the Nashua/Manchester, NH area."
Company in Massachusetts

Company in Massachusetts needed to have box of claims/papers picked up near Boston and delivered in Providence, RI. "We received multiple quotes from several courier companies. Thank you very much for your service. If we ever need anyone in the future, we will be sure to use your service. Thanks again!"

Company in Southern California posted quote request to have its products - frozen food pick up in Chicago and delivered in Carol Stream. "Yes we did receive multiple quotes from various carriers. Your site is great and very helpful to our needs. We do intend on using your company’s services as we grow and will most definitely recommend your services."

Quote request to have 8 boxes of paper goods weighing 160 pounds picked up in Brooklyn and delivered to Garden City. "This was great. The freight was picked up and delivered at a reasonable price."
Company in New York

Company in San Francisco needed quote to have 9 pallets of tiles delivered. "We received multiple rates in many ranges. I love the service, it saved me a ton of time. Some companies responded a few hours after the fact but, the companies that responding within the hour LOVE Love. I will go with one of the companies who responded with the best quote."

Company in Minnesota posted delivery quote request needing courier service 5 days a week. "Your website is awesome and I did receive numerous calls and proposals. Thanks again and have a great day!

Company in Massachusetts posted quote request to have frozen food samples for his business picked up in Massachusetts and delivered in Burlington, Vermont. "I got 4 quotes within about 10 minutes. Your service was awesome!"

Company in Hollywood, FL needed quotes to have cartons weighing 288 pounds picked up in Umatilla, north of Orlando, and delivered in Miami same day - 270 miles. "I was most certainly overwhelmed by the responses, and was very satisfied with the service received. As we are a Construction firm, it is not often that this we require services of this nature, but I am sure there can be and will be other circumstances in the future."

A woman posted a request 6 pm Friday night to have a bridal bouquet picked up near Burbank and delivered to her 40 miles away that evening, in time for a Saturday wedding. "Yes, I did get the bouquet last night. All set and thank you!"
User in California

"I posted a quote request to have paperwork picked up and delivered in Indianapolis, same day, weighing six pounds. I received six calls from courier companies with prices from $23 - $45 dollars. ..The courier company I selected arrived 20 minutes early and waited. Very professional and nice. I really liked the service and price."
User in St. Louis

"I have told everyone in my office about your great service and will continue to recommend your company to anyone who needs courier companies. Thanks for such an amazing website!"
Company in Los Angeles

"Got six calls in 10 minutes with different rates. And the amazing fact was the quality and the professionalism of the companies who called. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. What a great service!"
User in Phoenix

"Had some balloons and a big card that our company needed delivered to one of our customers. Posted it on Courierboard, got a few quotes and picked one. The courier company came and had them delivered in less than 2 hours. Really appreciate the customer service and will definitely use your service again."
Company in San Francisco

"I am in California and needed something picked up from a FedEx location in Chicago and delivered. I posted the quote request and got three or four responses right away and the company I chose was fabulous. It was picked up 30 minutes after I posted it on Courierboard. I’ll keep a note of this service."
User in California

"Needed to move a large amount of items (furniture and boxes) from my house on Long Island to my in-laws in Ct. Didn't want to spend my entire Saturday in a U-Haul. Posted the job on Courier Board & received a few quotes very quickly. Driver was very courteous, the van full of belongings arrived promptly & unharmed, the cost was more than reasonable - it was actually cheaper than if I did it own my own (i.e. U-Haul) and most importantly I had the day to spend with my family instead of back and forth form CT to LI. I will definitely use Courier Board in the future."
User in New York City

"Put a request for delivery quote on your site - Small package to be picked up and delivered today (wedding materials and Monday is a holiday!). Package arrived safely within one hour at a reasonable price...Thanks for your help."
User in Florida