Code of Conduct

You are solely responsible for your interaction with any user you may contact through Drivv, powered by Courierboard. You must perform any necessary, appropriate and cautious investigations and checks with respect to any transactions you may enter in to with users you may contact through Drivv, powered by Courierboard.

As a member of Drivv, powered by Courierboard, you are part of a cooperative business community. As members, you are expected to uphold professional standards of conduct at all times towards other members.

Of particular importance are the standards of conduct that involve handling deliveries for other courier companies. These include:

  • While handling a delivery on behalf of another company, your driver is representing that company and should apply the same level of professional conduct they would for any other delivery.

  • No one should use a delivery as an opportunity to compete for another company's customer.

  • Drivv, powered by Courierboard, reserves the sole and exclusive right to cancel membership at any time. Any paid memberships that are canceled will be refunded only for any unused fees paid for in the current billing cycle.

  • Drivv, powered by Courierboard, does not control and is not responsible for and makes no representative or warranties with respect to any user or user conduct. 

Drivv, powered by Courierboard, has the right in its sole discretion to limit, modify, or cancel membership, without notice. 

Any violations of this Code, should be reported to Drivv, powered by Courierboard. We will review all negative reports. If substantiated, membership for those who have violated this Code of Conduct may be suspended or canceled.

Drivv, powered by Courierboard LLC