Testimonials from Drivv powered by Courierboard Users

An individual in Santee, South Carolina needed to have a stainless sink picked up from a supplier 93 miles away, in Augusta, Georgia, and delivered to her residence the same day. She selected a quote from Breeland Courier Service (Columbia, South Carolina). 5 stars. "They provided prompt and courteous service from pickup to delivery.  Communication was great!  I would recommend this delivery service." 7/23/2018
Individual in Santee, South Carolina

An individual in the Philippines needed a courier company to pick up medical specimens being flown into JFK airport in New York.  They needed to be vehicle transported to a medical lab in State College, Pennsylvania (260 miles).  She accepted a quote from Transportation Solutions, Inc. (Lynbrook, NY). 
5 Stars.  "I dealt with Eric and he provided an exceptional service! I am not based in the US and this is the first time I have used such transport/courier service. I have a delicate cargo that needs to be picked up at JFK airport and delivered to State College, PA. Eric promptly updated me (thru email and SMS) on the status of my cargo. During our initial correspondence, he clarified with me if I needed any other assistance (such as customs clearing) with my cargo. I refused as I was made to believe that this was already handled by my local courier. However, when my cargo arrived, Eric informed me that this was not the case. I still need to have customs clear the cargo. Eric was so kind in helping me clear the shipment. He immediately emailed me the documents needed and took the initiative of contacting my consignee for additional forms. He was also very clear with the additional costs and breakdown so there were no surprises. My cargo was delivered and I just got confirmation from my consignee that the cargo was received in good condition. I would also like to note that all communications were done in opposite time zones. I would message/email him sometimes after 8pm NY time and he would immediately reply. I highly recommend Transportation Solutions!" 7/19/2018

Individual in the Philiippines

An electrical supplies company needed boxes weighing 60 lbs. picked up in Wood Dale, Illinois and delivered within 4 hours in Lansing, Michigan, 247 miles away. They accepted a quote from Chicago Messenger Service (Chicago, IL). 5 Stars. "Drivv-Courierboard and Chicago Messenger Service were awesome!  I needed a same day emergency delivery from Chicago to mid-Michigan.  I Googled and found Courierboard and received 2 quotes and a call for follow-up.  After some back and forth messaging, I selected Chicago Messenger Service who was at the pick-up site in less than an hour, messaged me that they were there and at points en route so I didn't have the stress of wondering where they were.  Two company examples of awesome customer service!  Thanks so much!" 7/17/2018
Electrical Supplier in Chicago, IL

An individual left his iPhone at domestic parking at San Francisco Airport (SF0) on July 4th. He posted a same-day delivery quote request to have it picked up at the airport by noon and delivered to his home in Santa Rosa, CA that holiday afternoon. He selected a quote from Angels Courier, Inc. (Tracy, CA) 5 stars.  "Fantastic service from beginning to end. I highly recommend this delivery service." 7/5/2018
Individual in Santa Rosa, California

An individual in Boca Raton, FL needed a large framed poster picked up in Delray Beach in the afternoon and delivered same-day to his residence in Boca Raton, 14 miles away.  He selected a quote from Blue Streak Couriers (Jacksonville, FL). 5 Stars. "Outstanding service from Blue Streak couriers. Easy Communications and the pickup and delivery was top notch. Thanks!" 7/2/2018
Individual in Boca Raton, Florida

An ultrasonic equipment manufacturer needed machine parts picked up in Clearwater, FL at 3 pm and delivered within 2 hours to their manufacturing facility in Wesley Chapel, FL, 40 miles away. They selected a quote from Scuderia Logistics Inc. (Tampa, FL). 5 Stars. "Posted request very late in the day and they were still able to pick up and get to us before 5 pm. Very much appreciated." 7/3/2018
Equipment Manufacturer in Wesley Park, Florida

An individual in High Bridge, NJ needed an unboxed lawn mower picked up in Montville, NJ and delivered within 3 hours to a residence in High Bridge, 43 miles away. He selected a quote from UZ Logistics Inc. (Passaic, NJ). 5 stars. "I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to book the service; it was seamless! The driver was prompt and courteous and my package arrived safely. Thank you!"  6/21/2018
Individual in High Bridge, NJ

An industrial lighting company posted a 250-mile same-day delivery quote request:  They needed 2 - 65 lb boxes picked up at noon from their warehouse in Kemp, Texas and delivered by 7 pm to a customer in Mont Belvieu, Texas.  They selected a quote from Guaranteed Express. (Dallas, Texas)  5 Stars. "This is the second time that we have used Guaranteed Express for last-minute shipments headed to oil rigs in south Texas. Both times Jennifer was extremely helpful and they meet our time requirements which are usually the amount of time it takes from point A to B....very pleased! Great service!" 6/20/2018
Lighting Manufacturer in Kemp, Texas

A box manufacturing company posted a 200-mile same day delivery quote request:  350 lbs of interior packaging needs to be picked up in the morning from our factory in Kutztown, PA and delivered to a facility in Millville, NJ, within 3 hours. They selected a quote from Allow Me Errands (Newark, DE). 5 stars. "Efficient, timely, courteous and professional service. Would trust this Courier with all our expedited shipments." 6/20/2018
Box Manufacturer in Kutztown, PA

A tool company in Chicago, Illinois needed a check picked up in the morning in Bensenville, IL and delivered 23 miles away to their office in Chicago, by 3 pm.  They selected a quote from The Delivery Authority (Naperville, IL). 5 Stars. "This was my first time using this service and I was very impressed. Very good with the pickup and delivery. No problems at all. If we ever have to use a courier service again, I will use them." 6/14/2018
Company in Chicago

A flooring company in New Castle, Delaware needed a skid of vinyl flooring in 25 boxes (1,100 lbs.) delivered same-day to its customer 15 miles away in Newark, DE with special instructions: the customer is elderly with narrow driveway and needs boxes unloaded into the garage. They selected a quote from Allow Me Errand Service LLC (Newark, DE).  5 Stars. "Fast, reliable, good communication, & most importantly our customer requested we use them again. That's as high a recommendation as we get! Thanks guys!"  5/30/2018
Flooring Company in New Castle, Delaware

A wedding photographer in Santa Barbara, California needed to have a package picked up in Chino Hills and rush delivered to her client in Los Angeles, 50 miles away, before she departed for the airport. She selected a quote from PCS Surface Delivery, Inc. (Irvine, CA). 5 Stars. "Outstanding communication, so quick and helpful! Last-minute, I needed to get some products back to my client before she left for the airport for a month, and PCS was so fast on the pickup and on getting it to my client almost two hours before she had to leave! Would 100% recommend to others and use again myself." 5/30/2018
Photographer in Santa Barbara, California

A greeting card company in Chicago needed to have a tall display rack picked up in Chicago and delivered same-day by 4 pm, to a supermarket support center in Itasca, Illinois, 34 miles away. They selected a quote from Chicago Messenger Service.  5 stars. "I needed to ship a very tall box, over 6 ft tall to Itasca from Chicago. As a small business owner, it was too costly to use FedEx or UPS. Size was too big for USPS. Chicago Messenger Service provided the quickest and most affordable quote. The driver picked up the oversize box at the stated time and delivered it quickly. I would use them again and would recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable delivery service."  4/25/2018
Company in Chicago

An individual posted a quote request to have a bag of personal items picked up in Oshkosh, WI and couriered same-day to a patient in a hospital in Green Bay, WI, 60 miles away. They selected a quote from Bonded Transportation Solutions (Milwaukee). 5 stars. "Received very reasonable quote quickly, immediate follow-up, picked up as requested and advised as soon as delivery had been completed. Would definitely use them again and would recommend! " 4/24/2018
Individual in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

A clothing distributor in Maryland needed 3 boxes of apparel picked up in Jersey City at noon and delivered same-day by 3:30 pm in Milford, CT, 90 miles away. They selected a quote from RAA Delivery Services (Bristol, CT). 5 stars. "Awesome! Reliable, responsive and reasonably priced. Would use again if the need arises." 4/23/2018
Clothing Distributor in Maryland

A Louisiana law firm needed police reports picked up from the district attorney's office in Livingston, LA and delivered to their office in Metairie, LA, 67 miles away, same-day. They selected a quote from QCS Logistics (St. Rose, LA). 5 stars. "QCS was fast and efficient, the logistics on my end were a little tricky, and their communication made it happen seamlessly."  4/13/2018

Louisiana Law Firm

An engineering firm needed a rapid delivery between Frederick, MD and Gaithersburg, 25 miles away. They selected a quote from Lightning Express Delivery Inc (Baltimore, MD).

5 Stars.  "We had to book a hotshot delivery to pick up a package from a supply store in Frederick, MD, and to be delivered to a hotel in Gaithersburg, MD.  I have very little experience with setting up hotshot deliveries.  I was growing desperate to find transportation for the delivery on short notice, and then found this website - Drivv (Courierboard).  After putting in just the bare minimum of info needed for quoting, I received a quote back from Lightning Express in about 5-10 minutes.  Being understandably wary using a service I have no experience or recommendation for, I checked the quote (which was very fairly priced for the distance and time requirements).  After a brief look at the reviews for the company (only 3 total), I decided to give it a shot and hope for the best, so I accepted the quote. 

After submitting payment information, Courierboard then gave me the direct contact info for the courier company - Lightning Express in this case.  I called, and the person that answered was the correct person listed, and after giving my name and a brief mention of my needs, he was already pulling up the information for the quote.  I was able to verify and get all the information to him in about 5 minutes, and we were set.  The package was picked up and delivered within an hour and a half of setting up.  Fantastic service, speed, and price - highly recommend this courier company, and they will be my first call for any other needs in the area in the future.  Also thank you and a recommendation to Courierboard for making the process very easy for people with little experience.  Thanks!" 3/19/2018

Company in Maryland

A security equipment company needed trade show promotional bags picked up in Redwood, MN, as soon as the vendor called to say the order was ready. The bags needed to be immediately delivered same-day to the Hyatt in Minneapolis, MN, sixty miles away. They selected Minnesota Delivery Solutions (Eden Prairie, MN). 5 stars. "My experience with Minnesota Delivery Solutions was exceptional! My situation was unusual, pick up depending on a varying time, and Jeremy was able to complete my request effectively and efficiently. He stayed in communication with me so I always knew the progress. I highly recommend this company and would use them again without hesitation!" 2/14/2018
Company in Michigan

An educational training company in Encinitas, CA needed packages of supplies for a business retreat picked up at a Target store in Nyack, NY and delivered to a nearby hotel. They selected a quote from Transportation Solutions, Inc (TSI) of Lynbrook, NY.5 Stars. "I found the whole process to be fast, easy and convenient. I got a quote right away and the company I went with was great to work with, incredibly responsive and did a great job." 1/16/2018
Company in Encinitas, California

A utility company in Boston, MA needed a laptop picked up in Mansfield, MA, wrapped, boxed and delivered same-day to their office in Boston. They selected RTD Logiistics/Skycom Courier.
5 stars. "The company I selected was wonderful and very accommodating. I can't say enough nice things about SkyCom Courier service. The representative I spoke with was very helpful and they completed my job quickly and efficiently - even providing a box!" 12/28/2017

Company in Boston, MA

A company needed a pair of pants picked up at 1 pm in West Chester, PA and delivered by 5 pm in New York City, 120 miles away. They selected Sir Lancellot Courier & Delivery Service (Lester, PA). 5 Stars. "Sir Lancellot gave me the best quote, best customer service, and the driver was early :) " 11/27/2017
Company in West Chester, PA

Pediatric doctor's office needed an emergency pickup of medication in Orlando, FL delivered to a patient in Bushnell, 56 miles away. They selected Mojo Courier (Casselberry, FL).
5 stars. "Great service for this last minute, emergency shipment. Driver was accessible and kept communications with us to ensure delivery. If we are ever in this situation again, we will gladly use Mojo Courier again. Thank you!!" 11/16/2017

Pediatric Doctor's Office in Orlando, Florida

A. company in New York, New York needed framed art picked up in the evening from a trade show at the Javits Convention Center and hand delivered in Huntington Station, New York the next day. 5 stars. "We had a very good experience with UZ Logistics Express, and their service was reliable and courteous. We highly recommend them. They met our needs, and their cost for the service was extremely fair." 11/13/2017
Company in New York

A design firm in Brooklyn, New York needed a roll of drawings picked up in Brooklyn and delivered in NYC within a few hours. They selected On Sameday Delivery Inc. of Long Island City, NY as the delivery service provider. "Very fast response, good price, easy to work with and make payment." 5 Stars. 10/30/2017
Company in Brooklyn, New York

A company in Dallas, TX needed new business cards picked up same-day from a Staples store in Las Vegas at 7:30 pm and delivered to a nearby hotel by 10:30 pm. They selected B2B Delivery, LLC.5 stars. "Service was quick and easy. I was very nervous about the delivery considering I was all the way in Dallas, TX. B2B Delivery notified me every step along the way and did everything flawlessly. Thank you B2B, would recommend to anybody." 10/9/2017
Company in Dallas, Texas

Engineered products company needed 240 lb box picked up in Hatfield, PA and delivered within 3 hours to Levittown, 37 miles away. They selected CB Courier Expedite Services (Bethlehem, PA) for the delivery.5 stars. "Moon and his company did a great job for me meeting a narrow delivery window. Delivery and confirmation were handled exactly according to my instructions." 9/1/2017
Company in Hatfield, Pennsylvania

Screen printing company needed a box of shirts picked up in Fitchburg, MA and delivered to Paxton, MA, 28 miles away within 3 hours. They selected a quote from Fleet Couriers of North Chelmsford.5 Stars. "They picked up within 30 minutes of sending me the quote and got it to its destination within 45 minutes. They made us look like heroes." 8/31/2017
Company in Fitchburg, Massachusetts

5 stars. Fastener manufacturer needed products delivered same-day from Northborough, MA to Cambridge, MA. They selected Hegarty's Delivery Service of Stoneham. "They handled everything with professionalism and got my FRT picked up and delivered as promised. SAME DAY." 7/27/2017
Company in Northborough, Massachusetts

Law firm in Boston, MA needed to fax documents to courier and have them hand delivered same-day in Morrisville, PA. They selected Sir Lancellot Courier & Delivery Service (Lester, PA).5 stars. "This was basically the easiest and best courier experience I've ever had. I work in a law firm in Boston and often have to find out-of-state or far away couriers and it usually takes me all morning! This was so quick, easy, and efficient. I don't know the state of PA at all, but this service made it so easy. Totally worth the cost and totally worth the 5 star rating. I wish all couriers were this great." 6/21/2017
Company in Boston, Massachusetts

Company in St. Augustine Beach, Florida needed a surfboard picked up late morning and delivered in Miami, 300 miles away, by 7 pm same day. Blue Streak Couriers (Jacksonville, FL) handled the delivery. 5 stars. "Top notch service for a difficult delivery. I will use them every time." 6/15/2017
Company in St. Augustine, Florida

Sales training company in Philadelphia, PA needed a box of handbooks picked up in White Marsh, MD and delivered in Baltimore within 4 hours. Global Messenger and Logistics of Baltimore handled the delivery. Customer review: 5 stars. "Fantastic experience working with Wade at Global Messenger! Thank you to you and your team for getting our package there in such a timely manner!" 6/6/2017
Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

An individual in Orlando, Florida needed an envelope picked up at 1:30 pm and delivered by 5 pm same day in Maitland, FL, 17 miles away. A quote from PS Express Couriers of Sanford, FL was selected. 5 stars. "Fast communication, easy to work with, arrived on schedule to pickup and confirmed delivery within time. Great service." 6/6/2017
Individual in Orlando, Florida

Company in Denver needed to have a document delivered to an imaging company, scanned and returned. They selected a quote from IntelliQuick Delivery and Logistics."They were AWESOME! Their quoted time was exactly on! Their customer service was amazing. It was soooo easy to schedule the courier and not have to worry about it coming back or not! Thanks! They were so friendly over the phone and explained their services perfectly! Will use them every time the needs arises!" 5/3/2017
Company in Denver, Colorado

A construction company in Massachusetts needed building plans picked up in Uxbrige and delivered 40 miles away in Newtonville within 3 hours. TruckCourier of Woburn handled the delivery. Customer feedback was 5 stars. "Excellent customer service - fast, friendly, and professional." 5/30/2017
Company in Massachusetts

Individual needed to have a passport picked up in Reston, Virginia and delivered same-day in New York City. He selected a quote from Lighting Express Delivery, Baltimore MD. 5 stars. "The courier did an outstanding job. He left Reston, VA at approximately 11:10 am and delivered the passport to a Manhattan New York condo at approximately 4:15 pm. The cost for the courier service was very fair." 5/17/2017
Individual in Reston, Virginia

Individual needed documents picked up before noon in Boca Raton, FL and delivered by 3:30 pm in West Palm Beach. ASAP Courier & Logistics, Inc. handled the delivery. "Very smooth and quick pick up and delivery to the final destination. I will definitely use your service again in the future." 5/5/2017
Individual in Boca Raton, Florida

A company needed two drums of materials picked up in Rhode Island and delivered in Woburn, MA, same-day. UZ Logistics Express Inc. handled the delivery. "They were very helpful. Driver was dispatched right away. They communicated the whole time. Very professional." 4/19/2017
Company in Woburn, Massachusetts

Fortune 50 company needed same day pickup and delivery from Hauppauge, NY to Jamaica, NY: "Gio Express took great care with my delivery. Everything from receiving the quote to the pickup and delivery of the package went smoothly! Also, using (Drivv) Courierboard was a great help in completing this delivery. Very useful and would recommend highly." 4/12/2017
Company on Long Island, New York

Company in New Jersey needed a check picked up at a client's and then deposited at their bank branch, about 20 miles away. UZ Logistics handled the delivery. "Great communications keeping me posted. Supplied all backup materials I needed. They were also easy and flexible to work with." 3/31/2017
Company in New Jersey

Building company in Miami needed plastic siding delivered to a job site, reviewed Esquire Logistics who they selected to handle the delivery: "Fast, reliable, and accommodating". 3/7/2017
Company in Miami, Florida

Boston-based steel company needed paperwork picked up in Yonkers, NY and delivered to Boston. They selected a quote from Eddy Messenger Service (Elmsford, NY) and wrote in: " Quick response, always helpful!" 3/2/2017
Company in Boston, Massachusetts

Company in Wilmington, Delaware needed to email a document to a FedEx print center and have it picked up by a courier and delivered to a local business in Wilmington."I did receive numerous callbacks with great quotes so I was grateful that the board (Drivv) worked as I  expected. However, the document we were going to send was not required in hard copy so we did not need to utilize the service. I found the board (Drivv) by accident, but I will definitely use it in the future now that I know it is there. What a wonderful service it is!!!  2/25/2017
Company in Wilmington, Delaware

Shipper in Phoenix needed 4 pallets picked up in New Jersey and delivered to New York City, same day."Wonderful service the Courierboard.com. I have used it for the past year and I have to say that it really helps when in tight situations.I have referred it to many of my network friends. Chris´ response to questions and attentiveness is at the top of customer service in many of the top Technology companies in the industry" 2/15/2017
Company in Phoenix, Arizona

An individual in Stratford, CT needed donuts picked up and delivered in Milford for a family event. She selected a quote from ProCourier Inc.(Hartford) and wrote in: "Terrell at ProCourier was extremely helpful! I would definitely do business with them again." 2/11/2017
Individual in Stratford, Connecticut

Feedback from Company in New York needing a Los Angeles courier company for commercial and residential delivery service, 5 days a week, using both cargo vans and box trucks. "Thank you for both your phone call and follow up emails. We have received 4 or 5 responses so far and feel your website (Courierboard) is an excellent resource for both carriers and shippers." 2/9/2017
Company in New York City

Company in Baltimore, Maryland needed to have a document picked up and delivered to an attorney's office wrote in: "Our business was extremely happy with the service. Our document was picked up within 20 minutes and delivered within 30.You cannot get any better than that. Also they emailed me the details down to the minute and when I called with questions they were polite and quite effective in their response. Their fee was extremely affordable and reasonable. We intend to use their services frequently." 2/9/2017
Company in Baltimore, Maryland

Company in Miami, Florida needed computer component picked up in Georgia and delivered over 300 miles away in Florida."We had an emergency delivery and we used your website to find a courier. It worked great! We were able to find a courier within about 15 minutes! " 2/5/2017
Company in Miami, Florida

Winery in NJ posted a quote request to have cases of wine picked up and delivered 40 miles away. Less than 45 minutes after posting the quote request, wrote in, "my stuff is already on its way with one of your companies. I'm in absolute shock. Amazing. I have to be honest, didn't have a lot of faith, but I got 3 quotes within minutes, including one well below our budget. Thanks! " 2/4/2017
Company in New Jersey

Printing company in Atlanta, Georgia needed to have a part delivered same day, 463 miles - picked up near Atlanta and delivered same day to Orlando area. "Yes, were presented with a handful of quotes shortly after submission. I was able to get this taken care of just fine." 1/30/2017
Company in Atlanta, Georgia

Graphic design firm in  Chicago, Illinois needed a 50 pound case of printed cards delivered same-day to a client 12 miles away. "I did get my quotes and phone calls which was great. I wasn't expecting such quick responses. Great site and service you provide." 1/21/2017
Company in Chicago, Illinois

Feedback from company user in California needing small part delivered same day to job site: "This was my first experience with this site and it worked out perfect. I did receive several quotes and a couple of phone calls. The company I selected was exactly as they promised (on time, and delivered before the estimated time). 1/25/2017
Company in California

Fortune 500 company posted quote request for same-day delivery in Tennessee of envelope and labels: "Thanks for your help, we received some competitive quotes...Cost efficiency and dependability is important to us. If they can meet or beat our cost goals as well as reliability we may use them more long term. Once again, thanks for your help finding these new services." 1/13/2017
Company in Tennessee

Individual in Georgia needing document delivered same day to Memphis: "Posting on your Courierboard truly assisted me in doing comparative shopping for a shipper. We did select a shipper who responded to the posting"  1/9/2017
Individual in Atlanta, Georgia

Company in Michigan needed6small box picked up at noon and delivered by 1 pm to hotel, 11 miles away. “YES  I did in fact receive several quotes and used the courier service that best suited my needs! We will continue to use this courier, and appreciate your GREAT service. You are a great resource!” 1/5/2017
Company in Detroit, Michigan

Company in Troy, MI posted to get quotes to have contract picked up at FedEx office in New Castle and delivered same day to office in Dover, Delaware, 50 miles away.  "It was a one-time occurrence, however, I will definitely use the system again should the need ever arise. I received several responses and had someone on standby for a short while until we were able to resolve the situation on our own.I appreciated having such quick responses to our need.
Company in Troy, Michigan

Individual in Australia posted to have a bicycle picked up in Cicero, Illinois, packed and delivered to Amtrak Station in Chicago writes: "I’d like to let you know that I am very happy with your service and currently finalizing my delivery details with Matthew of Vital-Pack Courier & Logistics Co., who’s been an absolute star and have provided an excellent professional assistance, way beyond my expectations.Thank you for facilitating such an efficient and accessible tool, as I am in Australia and thanks to the Courier Board, finding a reliable courier service provider was very easy and pleasant experience."
Individual in Australia

Company in Cranston, RI needing document delivered in Boston same day delivery: "I received 1 quote via email and three on the phone within 15 minutes. The prices were very varied and I have never used a courier before, so your service was AWESOME."
Company in Cranston, Rhode Island

Individual in Fresh Meadows, NY needed a cake picked up from a bakery and delivered to a residence. They selected On Sameday Delivery in Long Island City. 5 Stars. Customer feedback, "Excellent Service"
User in New York

An individual in Cleveland needed a mulch lawn machine picked up and delivered before noon in Chesterland, OH, 25 miles away. They selected 1776 Express Courier and Delivery to handle the delivery.  5 stars. "These guys are polite, fast and reasonable. I highly recommend you use them first so you can experience the great service they provide."
User in Cleveland

Engineered products company needed 240 lb box picked up in Hatfield, PA and delivered within 3 hours to Levittown, 37 miles away. They selected CB Courier Expedite Services (Bethlehem, PA) for the delivery.5 stars. "Moon and his company did a great job for me meeting a narrow delivery window. Delivery and confirmation were handled exactly according to my instructions."
Company in Pennsylvania

A construction firm needed building plans picked up in Glendora, CA and delivered within 4 hours to Irvine, CA, 38 miles away. They selected PCS Surface Delivery of Irvine, CA to handle the delivery.
5 stars. "PCS provided a prompt low quote for the pickup and delivery of my set of plans and spec.'s from my office in Glendora to Irvine and met every timeline they said they would. They took my credit card info over the phone and were very courteous and responsive to questions."

Construction Firm in California

General contracting company in California needed a set of building plans picked up and delivered to location 75 miles away within 5 hours. "Thank you very much for the follow up! We received several quotes and got everything handled in a very timely manner and are EXTREMELY satisfied. Thank you!"
Company in Los Angeles

"I posted a quote request to have paperwork picked up and delivered in Indianapolis, same day, weighing six pounds. I received six calls from courier companies with prices from $23 - $45 dollars. ..The courier company I selected arrived 20 minutes early and waited. Very professional and nice. I really liked the service and price."
User in St. Louis

Screen printing company needed a box of shirts picked up in Fitchburg, MA and delivered to Paxton, MA, 28 miles away within 3 hours. They selected a quote from Fleet Couriers of North Chelmsford.5 Stars. "They picked up within 30 minutes of sending me the quote and got it to its destination within 45 minutes. They made us look like heroes."
Company in Massachusetts

Vancouver, Canada architectural firm needed furniture picked up in Fort Lauderdale, held overnight, and delivered in Boca Raton the following morning. "For your info, I received two quotes for my request – one of which worked for me. So, this was great because I had a more unusual type of situation and it was much faster than calling around."
Company in Vancouver

"I used your service after calling around looking for couriers and getting frustrated. I found you on Google and posted an escrow document needing to be picked up and within 15 minutes I had numerous quotes in my inbox. After selecting a courier company I have never been so impressed with the professionalism of this particular company. They just blew me away!"
Company in California

Company in New York needed a Los Angeles courier company for commercial and residential delivery service, 5 days a week, using both cargo vans and box trucks. "Thank you for both your phone call and follow up emails. We have received 4 or 5 responses so far and feel your website is an excellent resource for both carriers and shippers. It worked out great! I found a courier at a great price and it was done in just a couple of hours!"
Company in New York

"I did receive multiple quotes, both on-line and via telephone. The vendor we chose...handled our delivery professionally and on-time, and followed up with me to be sure I was satisfied with the service. I have already recommended both Courierboard and (the courier company we used) to other administrative assistants in the Nashua/Manchester, NH area."
Company in Massachusetts

Company needed to have box of claims/papers picked up near Boston and delivered in Providence, RI. "We received multiple quotes from several courier companies. Thank you very much for your service. If we ever need anyone in the future, we will be sure to use your service. Thanks again!"
Company in Massachusetts

Company in San Francisco needed quote to have 9 pallets of tiles delivered. "We received multiple rates in many ranges. I love the service, it saved me a ton of time. Some companies responded a few hours after the fact but, the companies that responding within the hour LOVE Love. I will go with one of the companies who responded with the best quote."
User in San Francisco

"I have told everyone in my office about your great service and will continue to recommend your company to anyone who needs courier companies. Thanks for such an amazing website!"
Company in Los Angeles

"Got six calls in 10 minutes with different rates. And the amazing fact was the quality and the professionalism of the companies who called. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. What a great service!"
User in Phoenix

"Had some balloons and a big card that our company needed delivered to one of our customers. Posted it on Courierboard, got a few quotes and picked one. The courier company came and had them delivered in less than 2 hours. Really appreciate the customer service and will definitely use your service again."
Company in San Francisco

"I am in California and needed something picked up from a FedEx location in Chicago and delivered. I posted the quote request and got three or four responses right away and the company I chose was fabulous. It was picked up 30 minutes after I posted it on Courierboard. I’ll keep a note of this service."
User in California

"Needed to move a large amount of items (furniture and boxes) from my house on Long Island to my in-laws in Ct. Didn't want to spend my entire Saturday in a U-Haul. Posted the job on Courier Board & received a few quotes very quickly. Driver was very courteous, the van full of belongings arrived promptly & unharmed, the cost was more than reasonable - it was actually cheaper than if I did it own my own (i.e. U-Haul) and most importantly I had the day to spend with my family instead of back and forth form CT to LI. I will definitely use Courier Board in the future."
User in New York City

"Put a request for delivery quote on your site - Small package to be picked up and delivered today (wedding materials and Monday is a holiday!). Package arrived safely within one hour at a reasonable price...Thanks for your help."
User in Florida

A woman posted a request 6 pm Friday night to have a bridal bouquet picked up near Burbank and delivered to her 40 miles away that evening, in time for a Saturday wedding. "Yes, I did get the bouquet last night. All set and thank you!"
User in Los Angeles

Boston-based law firm needed to fax documents to courier and have them hand delivered same-day in Morrisville, PA. "This was basically the easiest and best courier experience I've ever had. I work in a law firm in Boston and often have to find out-of-state or far away couriers and it usually takes me all morning! This was so quick, easy, and efficient. I don't know the state of PA at all, but this service made it so easy. Totally worth the cost and totally worth the 5 star rating. I wish all couriers were this great."
Company in Boston

South Carolina company needed 8 boxes delivered 153 miles away within 24 hours. "I did receive several contacts from my posting. I am working with 2 of them to get a pricing/schedule setup. Thanks for all of your help yesterday!  Great customer service!"
Company in South Carolina

Company in Minnesota posted delivery quote request needing courier service 5 days a week. "Your website is awesome and I did receive numerous calls and proposals. Thanks again and have a great day!"
Company in Minnesota

Company in Chicago needed to have letter delivered within 2 1/2 hours. "Had tremendous success from using your website. (two calls and one e-mail) all with reasonable prices. My envelope was picked up in a timely manner and delivered directly to its destination. I will most definitely be using your website again in the future"
Company in Chicago

Company in Hollywood , Florida needed quotes to have cartons weighing 288 pounds picked up in Umatilla, north of Orlando, and delivered in Miami same day - 270 miles. "I was most certainly overwhelmed by the responses, and was very satisfied with the service received. As we are a Construction firm, it is not often that this we require services of this nature, but I am sure there can be and will be other circumstances in the future."
Company in Florida

New Orleans Architectural firm needed plans picked up and delivered 37 miles away, same day. "We do plan on using this board again, but it will be sporadic as we only need couriers on a limited basis. We did receive plenty of quotes and assistance because of your service."
Company in Louisiana

"Just used your service for the first time. It worked GREAT!!! I only got one reply, but that was the one I needed. I needed to move some freight from the Denver Airport to Ft. Collins, CO., a distance of 70 miles. I thought it would be an expensive thing to do, but your service put me in touch with a courier that makes that run daily. The cost was only $40. And the same courier delivers to other places on the West Coast that we routinely ship to. The likelihood of me finding this courier on my own is very slim. I have previously spent HOURS searching for the right courier. I’m sure your service will save me time, money & frustration in the future! Thanks again."
Company in Pittsburgh

Boston-based company posted to have document picked up in Miami and dropped off with FedEx. "Service was excellent. Got a call, which seemed within minutes, and got everything picked up, filled out, brought to FedEx & shipped to me in Boston. Worked out great for me."
Company in Boston