Testimonials From Courier Companies

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Courier Company: Blue Marble Logistics

Signing up with Drivv - Courierboard was one of the best business decisions we have made. Since joining we have developed many relationships with shippers which have brought us new recurring revenue streams. We have also posted driver positions in markets that were not our traditional service areas and were flooded with well qualified drivers. With Courierboard's help we have been able to expand our footprint. We now run routes in areas we never thought possible. As a company we always try to think outside the box. Drivv - Courierboard has given us the tools to do that.

Many thanks to you and your team.

Billy McGivney
Blue Marble Logistics

Courier Company: TruckCourier

Over the past five years, Courierboard has been a very valuable resource for me. From the business generated from the Courierboard Quotes to the lead generation to the Independent Contractor recruiting tool, Courierboard has delivered great results for a low monthly cost. Whether you are just starting out in the Courier industry or a seasoned veteran, I recommend Courierboard to anyone who is looking to grow their business.

Tim F. Bergin 
Business Development Officer

Courier Company: Relay Express

Greetings from Relay Express! I wanted to take a minute to share my recommendation for Courierboard for any future clients. Relay Express is a 26 year old Same Day Delivery company that specializes in local on demand immediate deliveries, scheduled routed solutions, expedited out of town shipping, and logistical warehousing. We have physical locations in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York that provide professional service to customers all over the mid-west.

Relay Express has been a Premium level member of Courierboard since 2010. We get new business through Courierboard’s business lead system and save money by using Courierboard to advertise for new drivers. My five sales people have had tremendous success with Courierboard. We have currently booked significant business in excess of six figures through Courierboard. My sales team relies on the on-demand sales as well as the subsequent relationships they build locally with these customers for their monthly quotas.

Courierboard’s Find a Driver system is equally easy to use and helps us find qualified courier drivers efficiently and economically. Using Courierboard's Post Driver Wanted Ad function to advertise for drivers is far more effective than other advertising websites and has saved our company money recruiting new drivers. Our most recent success in this area was in the Buffalo market. My transportation supervisor there was able to identify a pool of twelve Independent Contractor drivers listed on CBDriver.com for a monthly project we service.

I also find your leadership and commitment to our industry through your efforts with the MCAA, ECA, CDA, FMA…. is another factor in Courier board’s value to companies like Relay Express. Your industry knowledge, relationships with key players, and concern for issues facing our industry today all contribute to the overall value we find in Courierboard.

Please pass along my thoughts and confidence to prospective customers. Feel free to have anyone contact with questions directly. Good luck and continued success!

Jim C. Bernecker

Courier Company: Expert Messenger, Inc.

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how valuable your service is to my company. In the past, we have chosen to advertise for independent contractors needed for various jobs throughout the State of Florida via newspaper ads and miscellaneous online job searches. This process is not only time-consuming, but costly.

Ever since Expert Messenger, Inc. partnered with Courierboard, we have seen a substantial difference in time management spent on the hiring process and have had the privilege of working much more qualified contractors. In essence, Courierboard has cut out the middle man in the hiring process and advertises to other courier companies with similar wants and needs; thus reducing our costs spent on advertising, high-turnover, and our time spent sifting through applicants suitable for the work offered.

Courier Board also works with independent outside companies seeking couriers to move their freight (from an envelope to a truck load) whether it needs immediate attention, or next day delivery. This process has afforded us the opportunity to connect with new customers and foster these relationships for future work endeavors. This service has already paid for itself with all the exposure its gotten Expert Messenger, Inc.

We are also very pleased with the customer service we’ve received from Courierboard. Honestly, it’s a pleasure to work with a company that’s as customer-friendly as Courier Board and tends to every detail in effort to fully-satisfy their customers. Courierboard goes above and beyond and our partnership with them is a valuable tool in keeping our business a success. I highly recommend Courieboard to every courier service and any outside vendors that wish to grow their business successfully.

Thank you Courierboard!

James R. Barnes
Expert Messenger, Inc.

Courier Company: Hugo Messenger


Because of Courierboard I hired a veteran driver who fits into my operation perfectly. He came at a time of need here, hit the street running, communicated the details, exceeded our expectations and best of all came back for more! You're definitely onto something,

Chris O' Rourke, President
Hugo Messenger Service, Inc.

Courier Company: CPR Courier

Posted on Courierboard Facebook page

What a wonderful network! Thanks to our friends at Courierboard for the referrals in SW Florida!

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