Relay Express Inc.


4429 Kiln Ct.
LouisvilleKY - 40218

General Liability Insurance: 1,000,000
Approximate # Of Drivers: 210

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General Company Information

Started in 1986 in Cincinnati, Relay Express established goals to provide excuse-free delivery to our customers in the most efficient way possible. We have grown and developed a Louisville courier service delivery business known for dependability and efficiency, and one in which clients really loved the personal, friendly, and professional service we offered. Relay Express is one of the few Louisville courier service delivery businesses that offers eight points of service and offers an express package delivery service that is open every day! In addition to the delivery options of our reliable express package delivery service, Relay Express offers warehouse and docking services as well as cross-state freight delivery. If reliability and efficiency matter to you, call Relay Express.

Service Areas

Whether you’re a few blocks away or in a neighboring town, since 1986 our courier service delivery business has been transporting and delivering contracts, proposals, small parcels and pallets to over a million customers. Today, for any business to business delivery, our express packages delivery service options include: • On-Demand Service • 30-Minute Pickup • 90-Minute Delivery • Door to Door Rates • Logistical Warehousing Go ahead and give us a try. We’re professionals! Day after day, we meet every challenge with our top-flight express small package delivery service. If dependability and efficiency matter to you, call Relay Express. Relay Express recognizes the realities of needing to have critical documents or packages delivered on-time. Missed deadlines can result in lost opportunities and business. Avoid costly mistakes by trusting our guaranteed, error-free express package delivery services. From packages to pallets Relay Express never lets you down! .

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday:12 AM-12 AM (24 hr)

Saturday:12 AM-12 AM (24 hr)

Sunday:12 AM-12 AM

After Hours Dispatch


Rating Reviews

By CWH on August 20, 2015

Very good company

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