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Why Choose SCI?

SCI is the Premiere 3rd party Contract Management Administrator offering services to the transportation industry with a fully functional online management interface for all it’s clients. We offer the best benefit and service programs available for drivers today. As a 3rd party administrator, SCI becomes the entity that oversees all settlement payments, qualifies insurance programs, and deals with all agencies concerning the I/C issue. Our management team is made up of courier service veterans, insurance experts, and computer system gurus.

Using I/Cs in the courier industry affords a company a better chance for long term survival. By forging a partnership with SCI, your company can use I/Cs while the drivers can take advantage of the SCI buying power to obtain affordable benefit plans

In this day in age, your clients demand that any driver on their property is covered by an insurance policy that will protect them from liability in the event of a work related injury…with SCI you and your client are protected

SCI affords Courier Companies four levels of protection

Occupational Accident Protection with maximum benefit levels

Individual Workers' Comp Policy naming your courier company as certificate holder and SCI as ultimate employer.

Statutory Workers' Comp Insurance for SCI Drivers listing your company as the certificate holder

Legal representation on all reclassification issues

Vist SCI's website for more information at or call (800) 821-5344.